One Stop Resource for Trans/Gender Queer in Las Vegas, NV


Today's date is: Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hello & Welcome!

This website was created for a one-stop resource for those who may identify anywhere along the gender lines or outside of the gender box who may have just recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, or may be thinking of relocating to the city.  Also, this is geared toward those who may be questioning or curious about gender and sexuality issues, and need someplace to start their journey.

Recently, a friend, who just moved from Arizona, stated that she looked for over one month before finding the Las Vegas GLBT Center, who hosted Transgender social groups.  This sparked this website.  I no longer want anyone person, seeking like-minded individuals to search all over the internet for pertinent information about the services and resources available in Las Vegas and in Southern  

This website is just starting, so bear with me, as currently it is a one person endeavor.  As more information comes forth, watch for growth and expansion.  This resource is not to replace all the other websites on the internet, I see it more as a clearinghouse or a road map to lead you in the right direction to the information you may need. 

I want this to be interactive and I need your help.  If there are any DEAD links that you find, please contact me, and I will correct them as soon as I can.  Also, if you find a great resource, that's not listed on this site, contact me and I will check it out to post it. 

The Propreitor of the Website:
My name is Tracey. I am the wife of a TransMan, for now over 20 years.  A TransMan is also known as a Female-to-Male transsexual or transgender person.  Previously, I had a relationship with a TransWoman for five years.  A TransWoman is also known as a Male-to-Female Transsexual or Transgender Person.  As a Spouse or Significant Other of a TransPerson, I know first hand some of the struggles these persons face on a daily basis.  I'm hoping that these struggles might be dispersed by some of the information found on this website.

Thank you for visiting. Please bookmark this site, and come-back often so you can see what things has been entered or changed.